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Quick Breastfeeding Tips for On-The-Go Nursing Moms
July 22, 2014

Hello and thank you for joining I hope this summer treats you and your baby well!

In this issue...

  • Quick Breastfeeding Tips for On-The-Go Nursing Moms and How to Survive Breastfeeding in Public
  • Good Read on the Topic: "The Baby Book" by William and Martha Sears
  • Product Review: Trunki Ride-On Suitcase - The Smartest Thing I Ever Got for My Son!
  • Questions and Comments

Surviving Public Breastfeeding

Whether you are an old-hand breastfeeding mother or just a beginner, you are bound to go out into the world with your baby sooner or later.

Be it work, errands, travel or just a walk in the park. Especially with summer in full swing, it is fun to be out and about!

Sadly enough new breastfeeding mothers tend to confine themselves and the babies to their homes for longer than formula-feeding mothers.

It seems like breastfeeding is a serious no-fun matter, and how much cooler is it to use a stylish bottle to mix the formula in or a cool bottle-warmer, right? WRONG!

If anyone should go out with their babies, be cool and have fun feeding them, it’s the nursing mothers!

Breastfed babies have stronger immune defense system and can be taken out into the world earlier.

They have a better chance of fighting infections and they are generally more content. But I’ve been there – breastfed there, so I know how hard it may be to set your mind to be open about breastfeeding in public and on-the-go.

What is even harder is to block the negativity or even the aversion that may come from others.

Well, let’s first take care of the legal part of it: are allowed to breastfeed your little one anywhere you are allowed to be present with him/her...

Moreover, most states have provisions protecting your right to breastfeed in public. And if you go ethical about it (no need to become an extreme exhibitionist– just do what feels right), you will get nothing but approval from the public.

Still, if your internal self refuses to feel comfortable when feeding your baby in public, here are the two things that helped me personally when I was re-entering the world with my breasts full of milk and my mind full of doubts:

  1. Every man wants his baby to be raised on breast milk

  2. Thinking about it helped a lot in dealing with looks and stares from men passing by.

    In our society sexuality is still the first thing that comes in mind in relation to women’s breasts. But believe me, no matter how sexually-minded a person is, ask a father to choose between breast milk and formula, and formula has very slim chance.

  3. This is the first and last time you see these people

  4. This helped EVERY time I sat down to breastfeed my baby-boy at any public place.

    They are just the passersby, bystanders, casual observers… They literary have no relation to you or your baby.

    They have zero significance in your lives. They just happened to be here. They came, the passed by, they disappeared. Their comments, stares and facial expressions never last.

    In fact, they cease to exist the moment they see the next “20% off everything” sign in the mall! So how dare we take their split-second presence so close to our hearts?

I hope that will put everything in a different perspective for you, as it did for me. The truth is, the moment I let go off of my self-conscientiousness about giving my baby breast in public was the moment when everyone around me did too!

Quick Practical Tips for On-The-Go Nursing Moms

With all that being said, there are little good-to-knows that can make breastfeeding on-the-go a little more comfortable for you and the baby and simplify your life as a nursing mother. These are some practical tips that helped me:

  • Breastfeed when traveling

  • If you ask me at what age kids are the easiest to travel with? I’d say – at the “breastfeeding age”. No bottles, no cans, no blenders, and no picky-eating – you have all you need with you…or in you, to be exact.

    Breastfeeding while traveling has a handful of benefits:

    It saves time. You can breastfeed while your partner is driving (you don’t even have to take your baby out of the car seat, just lean over – it takes practice, but it’s totally doable!).

    It provides extra comfort for the baby. Especially when traveling by air. Breastfeed at takeoff and landing to prevent discomfort to baby’s middle ear and reduce pain that may be caused by rapid pressure change. Remember, babies don’t know how to pop their ears. Sucking on the breast does the trick!

    It is also convenient for a mother. Asking for water, waiting for it and mixing up the formula on a bumpy flight can be tricky and takes time. And have you ever missed your flight and had to spend the night at a local hotel? Did you know to bring all the extra formula with you?

  • Use clothes to your advantage

  • We’ve moved beyond the awkward-looking clothes for breastfeeding mothers. Today there is a whole industry of nursing moms' fashion. Whether you choose to spend money on it or use whatever you already have, choose clothes that go well with breastfeeding.

    Choose two-piece outfits over dresses. They are easier to get in and out of.

    Two layers worked best for me. My “rule of breast” was that I needed to have an easy access to my breasts (something like a top that I could unbutton, roll up or the one with built-in flaps) and something light on top to cover my body and the breasts while my baby nursed (something like a beautiful scarf, shawl or a cardigan sweater).

    Go for nursing bras. Some say that specially-designed nursing bras are a little overrated. I came to realize that a couple of comfortable nursing bras are worth the price you pay for them.

    Pick the ones that help you access your breasts with just one hand. You won’t have the luxury of having two hands free for that matter.

    Try on different ones. I loved the ones with a drop cup where the upper layer of the cup fabric rolls down and also the ones opening in the front.

    Choose the ones made of cotton. And stay away from polyester and any other material that locks in moisture to prevent leaking. Your breasts need to breathe.

    Also, avoid underwire bras, as they may cause duct clogging.

    Multi-colored or dark-print clothes conceal stains the best. Perfect in case your milk starts leaking at one point.

  • Carry and breastfeed in a sling

  • Slings are real life-savers for moms on-the-go! Don’t confuse them with carriers, even though I’ve seen many women breastfeed successfully in a carrier.

    Sling is basically a wide piece of cloth that you wrap around your neck and shoulders. It is flexible and "grows" with your baby.

    Positioning your baby in a sling changes as your baby grows, so a good sling lasts several years. Among other great features, slings are perfect for breastfeeding while doing other things.

    Sling provides comfort for both babies and moms, motivates babies to eat on demand, which is a great solution for low-weight babies. It also frees mom’s hands to do things with older kids. Slings are perfect for discreet nursing.

    Sling-carried babies are more content and survive colic better. And since you can take your baby in a sling anywhere you are, his/her cognitive processes never stop.

    Babies can nap in a sling too, no need to hurry home for the nap time.

  • Practice makes perfect

  • Try on your new nursing clothes at home. Try different breastfeeding positions and pick your favorite for nursing in public. I know breastfeeding your little one should go naturally, and it will…with practice.

  • Follow your intuition

  • Don’t force yourself to go out and breastfeed just because you feel like you have to. Follow your gut and mood about places and times when you want to nurse out or stay in.

    It is all about the comfort of the two of you. Your lifestyle may not necessitate breastfeeding in public. If not, then why force it?

  • Return the favor

  • When you are breastfeeding in a public place, there is a great way to divert the looks and stares of people passing by.

    When someone stares at you, you become self-conscious. Return the “favor” and stare back at them. This will divert their eyes away from the area of your breasts and will make them self-conscious. Always worked for me!

  • Start small. Don’t despair.

  • There is a learning curve to everything. So when starting going out with your baby, start small. Go to a place close home, so you can always make it back before your baby is hysterical, if breastfeeding doesn’t go well. You will become a pro – one sip of milk at a time.

Have you breastfed in public? How was it? Share your story here and with your permission I can create a page on my website devoted to your story!

Good Read on the Topic:

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