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Turning Your Breastfeeding Quest into a Pleasant Journey...

Turning Your Breastfeeding Quest into a Pleasant Journey...

Breastfeeding is the most beautiful, natural and rewarding act that a mother and a baby are blessed to be sharing. It is often associated with challenges and sacrifices. But it brings along a lot of joy and happiness.

The path of a nursing mother is not unique. Lots of loving mothers have gone along this path, many more will. What is unique and precious is the time you spend with your little angel.

As a creator of Breastfeeding Quest I promise to walk along your side in this journey, helping you cope with issues and challenges, leaving you more time to spend enjoying your baby.

You become a mother forever, but a nursing mother – for a couple of short years. Nursing maximizes the time you spend carrying, holding, touching and kissing your child, as you'll never be able to in the future. Accept this time, use it, spend it, devour it.

This site is a collection of my personal experience, research, knowledge and contributions by mothers who once were where you are now. Let our experience and knowledge take the unknown, the unpleasant and the uncertain out of your nursing relationship with your baby.

One mother once said: "If someone told me that nursing my baby would eventually be so rewarding, I'd be going through my early lactation challenges more eagerly. I think of my moments of despair with awe. I could have given up and would never learn what a true blessing nursing my son is!"

Not every mom's lactation process is spotless and easy. But if you try to take on the attitude of this mother, it will become easier.

When the road gets bumpy, come here for answers and help, then persist and succeed. Time will pass and the pain of these days will remain a memory. You'll look at your healthy and joyful child and will have no doubts you did the right thing.

But for now, let’s turn your breastfeeding quest into a pleasant journey!

There are many ways to show your love and devotion to your kids and to win their trust. Breastfeeding is the most natural one.



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