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 Breastfeeding Stories - Tell And Be Told

So many nursing mothers, so many breastfeeding stories to tell. These stories are the lifeblood for many breastfeeding beginners.

Breastfeeding stories

One of my breastfeeding mom friends told me once: “It helped to personally know someone who had done it…” So true: if they did it, why wouldn’t you be able to?

I devote this section to the breastfeeding stories of other moms and dads. Each of you is truly amazing, with all the emotional roller-coasters that are happening inside you and all the love that your heart finds place for. You are that “someone” who the new parents will learn a lot from. Help them the same way you were helped when you were new and unsure. Click here to share your story!

Pregnancy and delivery stir up women’s hormonal balance pretty severely. Many new moms (and dads) end up with postpartum blues and depression, and these are nothing to enjoy! The transition that they were preparing for during 9 months finally happened. It brought along many new fears and concerns.

No matter how prepared new parents are, this little new creation of theirs is so fragile, vulnerable and helpless, that they start feeling anxious and unsure.

Didn't you yourself doubt that you were going to be a good mother and father?

Didn't you feel for a moment (or two) that this huge responsibility was more than you could handle?

Didn't you literary want to just run away, or stop the clock, or even rewind the history, go back, slow it all down and have more time to prepare?

This is how we felt. For the first week or two my husband and I cried a lot. Up to these days I can’t think of any particular reason why we cried. But the whole experience of delivery and first weeks of breastfeeding felt like a burden on our shoulders that we weren’t able to carry.

Even though breastfeeding a baby is the privilege that only moms enjoy and have to handle, dads have their share of battles to fight as well. That is why this section is for dads as much as for moms.

Tell your story and be told, contribute to this never-ending cycle of sharing. Someone out there might be searching and praying to find a story similar to theirs….to find your story!

To the new parents – I hope you can find answers to your questions here. Use these breastfeeding stories told by the “been there, done that” moms and dads. And if they can help you even a little, come back later and share your story. Let’s keep this going!

* Click here to share your Breastfeeding Story

Elsabe's Breastfeeding Stories

Elsabe's story can’t but excite and make you admire this strong and determined woman. She is a proud mother of three kids - a boy (6 years old) and twin-girls (turning 3 in a couple of months) and she is an e-business woman!

Her story once again proves to all of us that there is no limit to mom’s strength, will power and abilities. It also shows how loving, caring and deeply-feeling a strong woman can be.

Her website – Nurture Through Touch -  is a reflection of who she is as a mother, wife and woman. The topic of her website goes hand in hand with the topic of breastfeeding and it contains lots of useful information for new parents. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do. But for now, here is her story…

› Breastfeeding Stories

How Would You Describe Your Breastfeeding Experience In One Word?

Include this one word in the box below, then share your breastfeeding story! You can even add pictures. I will then create a page devoted to your story that you can keep as a memory and share with others!

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