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Eepples MilkCharm Review

What is your way of recording when the breast milk in the bottle was pumped? When it was defrosted... When the formula was made... And by what day and time it should be used...

If you are a new mom trying to wrap your hands around all the responsibilities and tasks that can’t possibly fit into a cell of any wall calendar, remembering your bottles and milk collection times are the last things you want to do!

Bottle labeling failure

You can get away with bags that have a special spot for marking the date and time the milk was collected. But those are mostly used for freezing milk.

They don’t help when you take several bags out to defrost.  When was this one taken out of the freezer? Wednesday, right? Or, wait, maybe Monday? 

Another scenario that was totally the case with me is when you have to get milk ready for the babysitter to supplement the following day. 

I used to prepare 3 bottles for my mom for 3 feedings before I was leaving for work every morning. So that all my mom had to do was to take a bottle out, warm it up and serve.

I love glass bottles for many reasons and I love one brand in particular, so all of my bottles were the same. No way of telling them apart! As a result, a lot of times I ended up with smears from markers, fallen off sticky notes and a big milk marking fiasco!

Even if you have this milk labeling thing figured out much better than I did, you will love what Eepples MilkCharms can do for you!

Eepples MilkCharm

Eepples MilkCharm is a very cute little device for setting the day and time when the milk was collected or the day and time by when the milk or formula has to be used or tossed away.

It is very compact, adorable and it works!

What To Love About Eepples MilkCharm?

it is universal

Eepples MilkCharm works on any bottle. To use on a narrow or wide neck bottle - simply hang the charm from the neck of the bottle.

Eepples MilkCharm on regular neck bottle

If you have a bottle with no neck, twist the silicone band to form another loop and put the double loop on the bottle (see picture below). Glass or plastic bottle - doesn't matter. Silicone band sticks to both and holds still.

Eepples MilkCharm on no-neck bottle

it is functional

Eepples MilkCharm has two dials. One is the days of the week and am/pm dial. The other is for setting the time, in case you want even more precision.

Eepples MilkCharm double dial

When you order your Eepples MilkCharm, it comes as a pack of 3. Each charm has a different color combination.

I think three charms are sufficient. Since you only use them for labeling the milk that you use within a couple of days, not for the one you keep in the freezer. Start with one pack. You can always order more, if needed.

When you are done breast- or formula-feeding, use MilkCharms for labeling any other foods in the fridge.

Eepples MilkCharm used for other foods

10 Ways You Can Use Your MilkCharm:

        1. For setting the day and time of milk collection/pumping       

        2. For setting the day and time by when the milk needs to be used

        3. For setting the day and time when you moved milk from freezer to the fridge for defrosting

        4. For setting the day and time when you placed milk at room temperature for defrosting

        5. For setting the day and time when your baby started the bottle or by when it needs to be finished

        6. For setting the day and time your baby started a baby food container or by when it needs to be finished or discarded

        7. For marking the order in which bottles should be given to your baby by the babysitter (using numbers 1,2,3... on the time dial)

        8. For marking the day and time on any other food, when done breast- and formula-feeding

        9. For setting a reminder about anything important that day

        10. My personal favorite: When I returned to work I used the time dial to set the time of the next pumping session. It worked perfectly. It sat on my wrist and every now and then reminded me that I needed to go pump.

Using Eepples MilkCharm for setting a pumping reminder

it is safe to use

All parts of the MilkCharm are made of food-grade materials (polypropylene and silicone), even though technically the charm doesn’t have direct contact with milk and food. But I am thankful to the company for taking precautions! You can never be too careful, when it comes to baby food.

Besides, all the materials used are BPA- and phthalate-free.

it is easy to take care of

MilkCharm is top rack dishwasher safe. I cleaned mine with just warm water and soap.

Keep your MilkCharm away from microwaves, ovens, stove-tops and bottle warming devices. And don't forget to take it off before giving the bottle to your baby.

it comes from a "green" company

My favorite thing about the MilkCharm is the company that stands behind it.

Eepples MilkCharm has the most of “green” features one could possibly fit into a tiny 2X5 product!

  • The charm is 100% recyclable and is made with as many recycled materials as possible. Even the card insert that comes with the charm, the ink on it and the plastic sleeve used for packaging are recyclable and made of recycled materials.

Eepples MilkCharm packaging
  • Also, they use recycled and recyclable materials for shipping your MilkCharm to you.
  • If that means a lot, here is even more: if you don't need your MilkCharm any longer, Eepples offers to recycle it for you. They will even cover your shipping costs to ship the charm!
  • Eepples MilkCharms are 100% made in the USA.

I loved testing my MilkCharm and I know you will enjoy the benefits it provides. It is compact, cute, functional, inexpensive ($14.99 for the pack of 3) and worth every penny!

The MilkCharm helped me organize my milk bottles and saved me time and hassle. Besides, all the facts about the company make me feel even better about ordering Eepples products.

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, use this link to order your MilkCharm and Amazon will pay me a small commission. Thank you and enjoy!

› Eepples MilkCharm Review

› Eepples MilkCharm Review

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