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Designer Breast Pump Bag by Sarah Wells Review

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I had a blast testing this bag and enjoy wearing it a lot! It makes me feel beautiful and stylish, while wearing a pump bag. Maddy has brought comfort, organization and neatness into my hectic life. I know you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

Order your "Maddy" directly from its designer - Sarah Wells - on Amazon and get a FREE shipping!

2015 Update: Two new stylish, durable and chic pump bags have just been introduced for every nursing mom out there! Meet "Annie", available in two colors: black and trendy blue; and "Lizzy" in a super chic pattern in gray.

Same functional and durable all-in-one bag with room for your pumping gear (compatible with all portable pumps), personal items and even a laptop.  The only thing new is the variety of colors, patterns and price ranges for every budget!

2015 Update: Two new stylish, durable and chic pump bags have just been introduced for every nursing mom out there! Meet "Annie", available in two colors: black and trendy blue; and "Lizzy" in a super chic pattern in gray.

Same functional and durable all-in-one bag with room for your pumping gear (compatible with all portable pumps), personal items and even a laptop.  The only thing new is the variety of colors, patterns and price ranges for every budget!

"Maddy" The Bag

Don’t we all know that the best baby products are mom-created?

Can’t be any other way! Only we know what it really is to be a mother, a woman, a wife and a professional – all at the same time.

With that in mind, Breastfeeding Quest is off to test yet another mom-created product. Let me introduce you to…

Maddy designer breast pump bag by Sarah Wells

...“Maddy” Breast Pump Bag from Sarah Wells.

The idea behind creation of this bag was exactly that – help mothers combine their daily activities and conveniently pack them all into one bag. I know this is what I needed when I was returning to work from my maternity leave and was determined to pump.

On my way to work I always had my hands full (to say the least): pump bag, laptop, meeting notes and my personal purse. No room for a coffee mug!

In addition, if I wanted to keep my pumping business private, the look of a typical pump bag wasn’t helpful at all.

Tired of similar challenges working mom Sarah Wells came up with an idea of a bag with the functionality of a pump bag, and the style and look of a personal bag. This is how Maddy the bag was born.

Now let’s test how well it serves its purpose.

Characteristics and Components:

  • Dimensions: L14in/W9in/H10.5in or L36cm/W23cm/H27cm
  • Weight: 2.2lb
  • Handles rise for about 10in (24cm) from the top of the bag
  • All man-made materials on the inside and outside
  • Heavy-duty zippers with double sliders
  • 4 metal legs at the bottom of the bag
  • 2 roomy side compartments that can be flattened if not in use
  • 2 inside pockets: one padded snap pocket for electronic devices (10.5in X 7.5in or 27cm X 19cm) and one zippered pocket (11in X 5.5in or 28cm X 14cm)



The bag is very light. There is no heavy frame or base. So no extra weight added to what you have in the bag. At the same time, the bag stays perfectly in shape even when empty.


I’ve always had three sets of bags: something black, something brown and something multi-colored for summer. I feel uneasy wearing a brown bag with a black outfit and vice versa. Maddy conveniently combines black and brown for me. Two-color design works nicely with anything I wear.


Exterior of the bag is durable man-made material (resembles leather in looks). It is water-resistant, which works nicely for milk spills or nasty weather. Water and milk just roll off the surface of the bag. It also makes it easy to clean. I wipe mine with a damp cloth and it is ready to go.


4 metal legs at the bottom of the bag are a great bonus. This is something I always look for in a bag, since most of the time it ends up sitting on the floor. Even my most durable leather bags rub off at the bottom, especially on the corners.

Legs at the bottom of Maddy breast pump bag


All outside zippers seem very durable, have double sliders and designed to stand heavy usage.

Maddy breast pump bag zipper

Maddy breast pump bag double sliders


Do you like your bag handles to be adjustable? I like wearing my bag in different ways. That’s why handle length is something I always look at. It has to fit over my winter coat, but not be too long and drag on the ground if I carry it in my hand.

Well, Maddy’s handles are not adjustable. But somehow they managed to design them just the right length. I tried wearing it in different ways: over my winter coat, on a lighter jacket, just holding the handles in my hand. It always felt comfortable.


Bag lining is made of durable man-made material. It resembles the one used to make the exterior of a pump bag. It is easy to clean. It doesn’t tear easily. But it is not water-resistant. So don’t rely on it to hold your milk bottles and prevent leaking into other compartments. 

Maddy breast pump bag lining


There are three compartments: one main and two side compartments.

Maddy breast pump bag side compartments

Side compartments may serve to carry your pumping gear, but may as well flatten and increase the space of the main compartment. Even with the side compartments loaded there is still enough room in the main compartment for everything I want to carry.

When there is nothing in the side compartments I flatten them and get a full-size main compartment. I think it is a very clever idea!

The bag can be used after you stop pumping or at times when you simply don’t need to take the pump with you. And it is always the same-looking bag: same size and shape no matter what is inside.

If you wonder whether you’ll have enough room in the bag for everything else besides the pump, here is what I put in mine. I don’t need to carry all of this with me on a daily basis, but wanted to test and see if it would fit. And it did.

Here is my bag packed:

Maddy breast pump bag packed

And here it is packed and closed:

Maddy breast pump bag closed

Now look at what was inside the bag:

Maddy breast pump bag loaded

Also, the main compartment opening is 14in long. I thought you'd be interested to know, in case you are thinking of carrying your laptop on no-pump days.

Maddy breast pump bag opening

For times when you do use it as a pump bag, one side compartment rooms the pump, the other is for all the accessories, like bottles, tubing, charger and wipes.

Side pockets are designed to fit pretty much every personal use manual and electric pump.

I am using my Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced pump for demonstration. This is the type where the motor is in its separate case. It is a fairly big motor compared to others. But it fits in the side compartment even WITH the case on:

Maddy breast pump bag with pump

Maddy breast pump bag with pump

Maddy breast pump bag with pump

And here is the other side compartment with everything else:

Maddy breast pump bag with accessories

Maddy breast pump bag with accessories

I was able to use the pump right from my bag without having to take it out. This is a great feature, especially if discreet pumping is your thing.  Check this out:

Maddy breast pump bag in use

√ Pockets:

There are two pockets inside the bag. One is a zippered pocket.

The other one is a padded pocket that keeps your electronic devices secure from whatever you have in your main compartment. You can use it for an e-reader or a tablet.

My iPad mini fits easily into it even with its child-proof heavy-duty case on. But even the largest iPad out there will fit in this pocket.

Important: The lining and the padding will resist the water, but won’t fully block it. So keep your liquids in safe containers away from your electronic devices.

Here is the padded pocket:

Maddy breast pump bag padded pocket

And this is the pocket with a zipper:

Maddy breast pump bag zippered pocket

Return policy:

Sarah Wells' company offers 30-day return policy for bags returned in new condition.

Also good to know:


I like my bags with lots of pockets. It keeps me organized and I can easily find what I need.

When I have my pumping gear in the bag, there are only two inside pockets left. At times I think I could use another little (maybe even an outside) pocket or two to quickly toss something in without opening the bag.


I haven’t used my Maddy for long enough to talk about its “life span”. But it does look like a very functional and durable bag. If you use Maddy too, please share your experience in the comments section below.


Sarah Wells introduced 2 new bags in 2015 in a variety of colors, materials and price ranges. Besides "Maddy", there is "Annie" in faux leather, available in two colors: black and dazzling blue; and "Lizzy" in performance nylon in a super chic pattern in gray.

There is now a Sarah Wells bag for every budget! Plus, all bags ship for FREE!

These are not the average bags that you buy for one season and then get rid of. They are the all-in-one bags with name, character and functionality. I feel comfortable using them as pump bags and personal use designer bags that I can definitely wear for going out, as well as for a business meeting.

Something to consider: Since most pump purchases are now covered by insurances, using this money for a nice treat for yourself isn't such a bad idea, is it? Or maybe even a baby-shower gift for a close friend!?

Choose the model and color below and click for details and prices:

› Breast Pump Bag Review

› Breast Pump Bag Review

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