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How to Breastfeed: Ready! (Part 1)

Learn how to breastfeed a baby

If you are an expecting or a new mom, learning how to breastfeed and how to prepare for breastfeeding are probably at the top of your overwhelming to-do list.

This is also why you are here, on this page, searching for answers. Welcome and thanks for joining us!

Breastfeeding a baby is a natural bodily function of a woman. There is not much that you need to do to get ready, so no reason to overwhelm yourself.

But there are some possible challenges along the way that are worth thinking through before the baby's arrival.

If your breastfeeding quest turns out especially difficult (like mine did), remember it only lasts a year or two. And at the end of it is a victory.

No matter what – you become a hero for your baby for giving him/her a part of your soul, heart and body through... breast milk.

With this in mind I put together a set of guidelines to ease your way through pre-breastfeeding stage and into a happy breastfeeding.


Ready!Set!Go! is a system that once helped me. I hope it will ease your nursing anxiety and show you how to prepare for breastfeeding and how to breastfeed.


A woman’s body starts getting ready for nursing during pregnancy. Little by little, step by step, hormonal and physiological build-up changes to accommodate breast milk production.

Breasts’ shape may be changing too to make more room for milk storage.

Milk production starts during the third trimester and there may actually be some discharge from the nipples prior to delivery.

There is not much more a woman needs to do to get her body ready for breastfeeding. What you can and should do is prepare yourself emotionally.

Breastfeeding success is only 50% about learning what breastfeeding is and how to breastfeed, another 50% is about emotional readiness and preparedness!

Do not let anyone persuade you that it is too much hassle and work and not worth trying. So many mothers, so many lactation stories. You’ll have your own.

Getting into the Right Mindset

  • From these pre-delivery days teach yourself to listen to your inner mom’s voice. Be relaxed. If it is not smooth and easy from the start, you will get there soon. Learn and persevere.
  • Ignore everyone’s negative experience. Keep in mind, the experience itself is never as bad as the stories it creates. In addition, negative stories stick, get told and repeated. If anything, listen, learn from them and forget all about them.
  • If you need help and advice get it from professionals – people with objective opinions and factual knowledge.
  • There are many myths and misinformation concerning breastfeeding. Form your opinion based on books, quality websites and people of trust.
  • Remember there is a learning curve in everything. Even though your little one has probably done quite some sucking in your womb, sucking on the nipple to extract milk calls for strength, perseverance and your support.
  • If  you feel particularly overwhelmed by thinking about breastfeeding your future baby and you can afford it (it is not too expensive), sign up for a breastfeeding class. The hospital where you are planning on giving birth or your OBGYN should be able to refer you to one.
  • You can also check your local La Leche League. In most areas they hold weekly meetings to discuss breastfeeding concerns. I know there are many other classes that you may consider taking, like immunization, circumcision, baby care, etc. But don't pass on breastfeeding classes. They are a great source of information, encouragement and confidence.
  • If  you don't plan on taking the class, read all three parts of this guide (see link to Part2 below), and stay connected to BF Quest for news and updates.

If you are tempted to say no to breastfeeding, don't make this decision final just yet.  Re-think and re-consider it once again after the delivery, when your colostrum comes in and you give your baby the breast for the first couple of times.

Delivery changes woman’s chemistry and hormonal build-up. Everything is viewed differently after the delivery and your first meeting with your baby. This is the moment to ask yourself again if you still think nursing is too much and not worth the trouble.

Going through the delivery is essential in making your breastfeeding choices. Also visit Breastfeeding Benefits for information on what nursing does for you and your baby.

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