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Nurse Purse Pump Bag Review

I know you’ve been there at least once... all pumping mothers have, haven’t we? 

Trying to grab everything we need at once and getting frustrated because we can’t!  So we make several runs between our car and the house to load the pump bag, the purse, the notepad (that had to be an inch longer than the purse and not fit into it), the laptop… and ideally the coffee mug.

This is what my mornings were like. On top of that, I used to take light rail to work. I think you get the picture...

Buy Nurse Purse

There was nothing I wanted more than to put an end to all this hassle. So I looked for an all-in-one luggage solution. Something that would have room for everything and that I would love carrying around.

I found several good options, but I thought this one, in particular, deserved special attention and a review. Please meet the Nurse Purse!

Buy Nurse Purse

Two things jumped at me right away the first time I met my Nurse Purse: attractive design with cool fresh print and high quality of the bag!

Quality has always been a biggie for me. No matter what the product is, I can’t stand loose threads, malfunctioning zippers and uneven seams.

When you look at Nurse Purse, high quality of its materials and production immediately stands out. The functionality of the bag speaks for the time and effort that was put into this bag's design!

Characteristics and Components:

  • Dimensions: L16.5in/W6.5in/H11.5in or L42cm/W17cm/H29cm
Bag dimensions

  • Weight: 1.8lb
  • Bag opening: 19in (48cm)

Bag opening

  • Handles rise for about 10in (25cm) from the top of the bag
  • 4 outer pockets (see dimensions further down)
  • 1 small zippered inside pocket
  • Removable insert with a divider for pump (see details below)
  • 4 metal legs at the bottom of the bag
  • Heavy-duty easy-to-clean, stain- and water-resistant materials: laminated cotton on the outside, nylon on the inside 
  • Durable zippers and Velcros

What Is "In The Bag" For You?

There are quite a few things that I love about this bag from the way it looks to what it does for a busy nursing mother:

    ● prints:

Nurse Purse comes in 4 fresh contemporary prints. I love the lighter summer-like colors, as well as the darker chic ones. I think they all look fabulous!

    ● design:

Nurse Purse is designed to fit as much as possible into one bag, and, at the same time, to be as compact and lightweight, as a pump bag can possibly be.

    ● material:

The inside of the bag is made of water-resistant nylon, which is both durable and easy to clean.       

Nurse Purse inside

On the outside the bag is 100% cotton that is laminated with a special coating. The coating makes it water- and stain-resistant. This durable heavy-duty canvas performs well in active daily wear and heavy usage.

The coating makes it really easy to clean with just a damp cloth and prevents the material from wearing and rubbing off. Besides, the canvas is BPA-, PVC (polyvinyl chloride)- and phthalate-free.

Do not iron the bag to prevent coating damage!

    ● quality:

I think I mentioned it before, but it is worth reiterating: all seams and edges of the bag are so smooth and look so perfect, that you can tell they were made with a lot of precision and diligence.

    ● removable insert:

The most invaluable and smart detail of the interior of the bag is the removable insert. It holds on Velcros and rooms the pump, holding it steadily and securely in place.

The insert also has a divider, which separates the pump compartment from another little area, where you can keep tubing and other accessories. The divider holds on a Velcro, so if you need more room for your pump, detach it and set it aside. I think this is a genius idea!

Removable insert with a divider

I tried all three pumps I have and they all fit perfectly into the designated space (one of them is Medela Pump In Style). But in case you have a larger pump that you worry about, here are the dimensions of the pump compartment: 

Removable insert with a divider and dimensions

Good To Know: The design of the insert and the Velcros on it allow for adjustments. Play with them a little and you will find the way to make them work for your pump. If they don't, remove the insert and enjoy lots of other benefits that Nurse Purse provides!

    ● inside the bag:

I like it that there is space left behind the insert that is ideal for carrying a laptop. It is very practical and doesn't take much space.

Nurse Purse space for laptop

The remainder of the space in the main compartment is for everything else you need to carry. I was even able to fit my Medela cooler in there with everything else on top of it.

Everything that went into my Nurse Pursethings that go into my Nurse Purse

Nurse Purse packedNurse Purse packed

    ● pockets:

There is a standard small zippered pocket inside for keys, cell phone and whatnot. 

There are 4 outside pockets: two side pockets, one pocket with a Velcro and one zippered pocket.

Side pockets: Two deep roomy pockets, one on each side. The pockets are about 7in (18cm) wide.

They are tight and supportive at the top; they won’t stretch out and become shapeless with time. Great for a travel mug, water bottle, cell phone, notepad or even an iPad mini in a thick child-proof protective case! 

Nurse Purse side pocketside pocket 1
Nurse Purse side pocket with mugside pocket 2
Nurse Purse side pocketside pocket 1

Nurse Purse side pocket with mugside pocket 2

Velcro pocket is great for rooming magazines, files, folders, textbooks, or even a laptop. The pocket is 14.5inX8in (37cmX20cm).

Velcro pocketpocket with Velcro

The most functional of all pockets of the bag is the outside zippered pocket. This is the one that opens right into the pump compartment of the bag. Its size is 13inX6in (33cmX15cm).

Inside is a small mesh pocked for wipes or coiled up tubing, a photo-sleeve for a standard 4X6 photo of your little one and a pump opening.

Nurse Purse pocket with zipperzippered pocket

Pump opening provides easy access to the front of the pump, which allows you to easily plug it in, change settings and attach tubing. In fact, there is no need to unplug the charger and the tubing every time. Just pack them all up inside, zip up the pocket and have them ready to go the next time you open the pocket.

Nurse Purse zippered pocket with pump opening

Through this pump opening you can also access whatever you keep in the small compartment by the pump. This is a good spot for a charger and some extra bottles.

A special note on the photo sleeve – it is an absolutely great idea! Most of moms carry a picture of their bundle of joy. But a pumping session is the place where we need it most to stimulate the let down and maintain good milk flow. So relax, look at your little one and pump away!

    ● zippers:

I like that there are two wide panels at the top of the bag that the zipper attaches to. It gives some extra space and keeps the bag looking modern and neat when closed, even if it is packed full.

It also takes some pressure off of the zipper, therefore, increasing its lifespan.  

I also like how the zipper color perfectly matches the color of my bag!

Nurse Purse packed and closed

    ● legs:

Little metal legs at the bottom keep the bag clean. No need to watch where it lands.

Nurse Purse metal legs

    ● handles:

Perfect-length handles allow wearing the bag on the shoulder (even on top of your thickest winter coat) or just holding it in your hand.

Handles are made of nylon webbing. Webbing handles are considered the most durable for bags, backpacks and other items of the luggage. They don't rub off or crack so easily.

Nurse Purse handles

Nurse Purse sells at a very reasonable price, considering all the functionality that comes with it and compared to other pump bags. The shipping is FREE, when you order the bag from Amazon.

Order Nurse Purse

Nurse Purse is a great-looking all-in-one bag for every nursing mother. It is stylish, made to last and pleases the eye. I know you will enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed testing and reviewing it!

Use if for all your pumping needs or as a personal bag after you are done pumping. With its fresh contemporary design and ease of care, you will never get tired of your Nurse Purse.

Click here to pick the design and order your Nurse Purse with FREE shipping!

› Nurse Purse Review

› Nurse Purse Review

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