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Breastfeeding Videos - Watch and Share!

Breastfeeding videos are a great help for every breastfeeding mom. I watched a great deal of them to get ready and to turn everything I read into actual actions and images.

Watching theory at work makes a huge difference and simplifies the learning process. If you are a visual type of earner, just like me, learning through breastfeeding videos will be a tremendous help.

Share the videos you find online here for other Quest-moms to see.

Or get creative and make your own videos! All you need is a camera and a computer. Then come back here and share your creations - the more the merrier... Let’s get this sharing started!

Videos I Find Useful

breastfeeding basics:

This one is a little long, but loaded with good info beginning with the benefits of breastfeeding and milk production phases all the way to breastfeeding positions. It is great for moms with near zero knowledge and experience in breastfeeding too. It feels a little staged when you watch it, but we are not so much concerned about the quality of the video, as about the quality of information. And the information is great - well-done Gerber!

Here is a great video about how to position correctly. I especially like latching on demonstration. The mom is doing it exactly as it is supposed to be done: slightly stroking baby's nose or upper lip with the nipple, and when the baby opens his/her mouth directing the breast into the mouth, so that the baby grasps a good portion of the areola underneath the nipple with his/her lower lip. You can also find step-by-step instructions in Latching On section.

breast pumping:

Here is a great video with pumping tips from a lactation consultant. The featured pump is Medela Pump In Style Advanced (On-The-Go Tote).  It is a great visual aid to go with my Medela Pump In Style Advanced section. This video has a detailed description of how to assemble the pump. I also like the mention of different sizes of breast shields.

breastfeeding in public:

Here is a video that puts breastfeeding in public topic into easy 1-2-3 steps. It is only 3 minutes long, but it mentions all the key points that deserve your attention. It brings up one of the most controversial and least known aspects of public nursing - knowing your rights. Visit my Breastfeeding in Public section for a full coverage of the topic. US Laws by State and World Breastfeeding Laws talk about knowing your rights. Enjoy!

breastfeeding products:

Whether you use breast pump occasionally or on a regular basis, this product will make your life easier. It is called Simplicity Hands Free Pumping Bra Kit. It is very reliable and affordable. It fits all bras and pumps. Read full review here.

This is a good video that demonstrates how to adjust and use Simplicity Bra Kit:

These next couple of videos were created by Breastfeeding Quest.

Welcome to our YouTube channel and enjoy this Double Blessings San Diego Bebe Single Nursing Pillow Review. This is a great product and we enjoyed testing it!

We are here to share tips, instructions, products reviews and other valuable breastfeeding-related  information with you. Subscribe to stay up-to-date with new additions.

Here is another video-review from Breastfeeding Quest. Meet "Maddy" Designer Breast Pump Bag from Sarah Wells. This is a great product and we enjoyed testing it! Find full review, detailed images and information here.

We are here to share tips, instructions, products reviews and other valuable breastfeeding-related  information with you. Subscribe to stay up-to-date with new additions.

Here is a great video from the creator of Twin Z Breastfeeding Pillow - one of the nursing pillows for twins. It shows all the uses and benefits of the pillow. The pillow is officially a 4-in-1, but I found 5 ways to use the pillow. Read my full review of the Twin Z Breastfeeding Pillow here.

Here is a video featuring Double Blessings San Diego Bebe Twin Pillow - a pillow that allows simultaneous nursing of twins. This mom shows how to position, latch, nurse and burp twins. A little lengthy, but gives good practical details and guidelines. Click here to read the review of San Diego Bebe Twin Pillow.

breastfeeding twins:

This is a video tutorial on how to breastfeed twins (we shouldn't really call it tandem nursing). This mom has managed to position and breastfeed her babies on her own since the very first weeks after their birth. Watch how she has the place set up for a nursing session and how she uses the EZ-2-Nurse pillow to support her twins at the breast. This pillow is also known as Double Blessings San Diego Bebe pillow (click for purchase and review). Also, great ideas about what you may need for a nursing session. If you are expecting or have just had twins this is a must-see!

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