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Breastfeeding Hubby

by Van Kristine
(Iloilo, Philippines)

Photo courtesy of  Vitaliy Hrabar

Photo courtesy of Vitaliy Hrabar

I was at a street food market in Singapore eating dinner when I decided to breastfeed my then 9 month-old son. A lady who shared our table saw what I was doing and asked me, "Why don't you cover?" in a rather condescending tone. Now, I never bring any cover (never thought of buying one) because I find it rather inconvenient and because I breastfeed on demand.

I have always loved breastfeeding and advocate it too, but something about the woman's glare and tone made me feel embarrassed that I hastily adjusted my blouse.

The lady still kept her icy stare at me expecting for my answer, but my husband beat me to it by saying,

"The baby doesn't like it."

The lady then defensively said, "Well, there are still some Singaporean here who are too conservative."

After that incident, I bought a nursing cover.

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Aug 04, 2016
Thank you!
by: BreastfeedingQuest

Thanks so much for sharing your story! Too bad many cultures in the world still make moms uncomfortable breastfeeding wherever they are and whenever the baby gets hungry without being concerned about what others may think or say. I like your husband's reaction! Keep up the great work you are doing for your little one!


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