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Breastfeeding Twins Positions

Breastfeeding twins positions are the variations of the single baby positions.They are very flexible and you can be as creative as you need to.

When a mother is handed two or more babies to take care of, all the rigid rules and guidelines and everything she read in preparation for breastfeeding twins cease to exist. At this point life is usually guided by “whatever works”. However, I compiled a list of positions that work for many twin moms, so that you could get a good idea.

Double-football hold

Double football hold

You will need a couple of regular pillows and a nursing pillow specially designed for nursing multiples. It is a larger U-shaped pillow with slightly-elevated edges, which keeps one baby positioned securely, while you reach for the other one. Unlike single baby nursing pillows, this one has to have a strap with secure clip or latch behind your back. With double the weight on it, it needs to be safely and securely fastened around your body.

Modified football hold: Place your babies at their breasts in a football hold position, but instead of having their bodies by your sides under each of your arms, move them from under your arms, so that their bodies are parallel to yours directed away from each other and their heads nearly touching.

Double-cradle hold

Place each baby in a cradle position on each of your arms. Babies’ heads will be directed away from each other, and their legs will be crisscrossed.

This position works especially well at the beginning, while babies are still small. It also gives you a better control of their bodies. It may become less comfortable, as they grow and get heavier, disturb each other and interfere with the feeding process. But here is how this mom makes it work (photo below).

Double cradle hold

This position may not require a special U-shaped nursing pillow (but it is a good idea to have one anyways).

Mixed hold (football and cradle)

This is the position when you place one baby in a football hold under your arm and the other baby in a cradle position on your other arm.

Football and cradle hold

It is especially handy when your babies’ latching and positioning preferences differ. Varying positions at each breast also promote better emptying of the breasts. It also works well when your babies get bigger and start distracting each other. Mixed hold keeps them turned into the same direction and minimizes contact.

Mixed hold (one football, one cradle)

Kneeled-down position

Some women have more luck feeding their twins when they lay them down on bed and kneel down between them. You can also try kneeling down on the floor by the bed and placing your babies on the bed with their legs directed away from you and their heads right under your breasts.

Laid-back position

You can read more about laid-back breastfeeding here. To apply with multiples, lie down on your back with a couple of pillows supporting your back. Place your babies on your tummy, so that their mouths are at the breast level. Let them find the nipples themselves or lead them by touching their mouths and noses with the nipples. This works best for smaller babies. If you had a c-section, you need to keep your babies off your abdomen, so place the babies on your sides along your body.

Getting creative breastfeeding twins

You can also find your favorite breastfeeding twins positions. No set rigid rules: whatever makes nursing and mothering multiple babies easier - works. Get creative or your babies will :-)

› Breastfeeding Twins Positions

› Breastfeeding Twins Positions

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