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Over the Hump

by Jerica

<p><i><center>Photo courtesy of  Aurimas Mikalauskas</center></i></p>

Photo courtesy of Aurimas Mikalauskas

I was having a horrible, painful, blood-tinged time of breastfeeding. I was sore, she was crying and we were both just so sleepy. That was 4 years ago. I nursed my daughter for 13 months. I nursed my son for 19 months. And now I am 7 months into nursing my 3rd baby.

Sometimes when I am walking (yes walking. Sometimes putting away groceries. Sometimes grocery shopping) through my home breastfeeding so easily, I remember the pain and the tears of my first few weeks breastfeeding.

I went through all of that (and so did my babe) but we got over the hump. Now breastfeeding is like breathing. But like breathing the sweetest breath of a cool breeze filled with honeysuckle essence.

*Special thanks to Aurimas Mikalauskas for making photo for this submission possible.

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May 04, 2014
Thank you for sharing!
by: Viktoriya

Jerica - beautiful story! I think it is important to persist and breastfeed through the initial hardships, just like you did.

It is such a pity to see a new mom panic and switch over to formula, because breastfeeding is "hard and painful"... And maybe because there was no one to support and motivate her.

This is what our story-sharing is all about. I am sure your story will help some new moms too.

Happy breastfeeding to you and your little one!

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