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Taking Control of Milk Oversupply

Learn how to manage milk oversupply

Milk oversupply may be extremely uncomfortable for you and your baby. But before taking measures to decrease your milk production, make sure milk oversupply IS the problem. Once decreased, it is not easy to get your milk supply back.

Learn how to manage milk oversupply

Talk to your doctor about milk oversupply, if any or all of the the below is true:

  your breasts leak milk on a regular basis

  √ your breasts feel full all the time

  you suffer from constant engorgement, clogged ducts, mastitis

  your milk flow is too fast for the baby to manage without gulping and choking

  your baby spits up excessively and is gassy

  your baby has frequent, mucousy, greenish, explosive or bloody stools

  your baby never looks relaxed and never falls asleep during nursing

  your baby fusses at the breast, turns away from the breast at let-down, is unable to latch on correctly 

Keep in mind that oversupply is not the only one that may cause these symptoms, but it is worth checking with your doctor.

Now, while you do this, there are ways to relieve discomfort caused by overabundant milk production and improve your nursing experience.

Relieving Discomfort Caused by Too Much Milk

  • Try changing nursing positions. Same milk flow can be tolerated differently in different positions.
  • Try positioning your baby's head higher than the nipple. This makes the milk go up instead of flowing down. Your milk supply is the same, but the milk flow is easier for the baby to manage.
  • To relieve your baby’s discomfort, you may interrupt the feeding at let-down. Let milk pour out into container, and then give your baby the breast. The milk will flow slower and be easier to swallow.
  • Try expressing some milk before the nursing session to relieve fullness and weaken milk flow for your baby to latch on comfortably.
  • Burp your baby frequently during the feeding session. This doesn’t change the milk quantity, but does prevent air build-up and gas.
  • Try cold compresses before feedings. This relieves the burning sensation and slows down milk release.
I loved my Booby Tubes - the breast packs I got from Earth Mama Angel Baby. They can be used chilled to reduce breast fullness (from oversupply), swelling and tenderness; or warmed up to promote let-down and encourage milk flow.

They can be used chilled to reduce breast fullness (from oversupply), swelling and tenderness; or warmed up to promote let-down and encourage milk flow.

Order your Booby Tubes
Order your Booby Tubes

You only need to get one box that contains two tubes and then use them - warm or cold - for any issue with your breasts, including oversupply.

Besides their functionality, Booby Tubes are made with organic cotton on the outside and filled with flax seed, NOT gel, to prevent burns. Safe, natural and easy to use:

  ♦ warm them up in the microwave or oven

  put in the freezer to chill

Click here for more reviews and to order your Booby Tubes.

"Taking Down" Milk Oversupply

If your doctor determines that oversupply is the culprit, here are some things that worked for me and tremendously helped to get my milk supply under control: 

  • Try one-side feedings. Offer your baby the same breast for several feedings in a row. You may even have to feed from one breast the entire day and then switch to the other one at night. The key is to empty one breast completely before switching to the other one. Doing this will decrease milk production and ensure your baby is getting the fatty hindmilk.
  • If the unused breast gets uncomfortably full or engorged, pump some milk. Not too much. We don’t want to stimulate milk production. We just need to relieve the fullness. When the milk is not fully drained from the breast, the body gets the signal that it is not needed and starts producing less.

Important: If there is blood in your baby’s stool, the doctor (preferably, gastroenterologist) needs to be aware of it and closely monitor your milk supply and your baby's condition.

While working on getting your milk supply under control, help your baby's intestines to heal by avoiding most common allergens. Stay away from wheat, soy, nuts, corn, eggs, dairy and foods you craved excessively during pregnancy. Give it some time. Healing may take up to a month.

  • If your baby sleeps through the night, don’t wake him up for a feeding. Let your doctor evaluate your baby before doing it to make sure he is gaining weight well. When breasts don’t get emptied, your body gets the signal that no more milk is needed and produces less. If your breasts start leaking or feel overfilled at night, pump a little or use your Booby Tubes to relieve discomfort.
  • Ask your doctor about decongestant medicine (like Sudafed). It is known to lower milk production as a side effect. Don’t use without doctor’s approval.
  • In some severe cases of oversupply doctors may prescribe hormonal birth control. Double-check that it's safe for the baby.
  • Try 100% organic No More Milk Tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby. It is a herbal tea that contains Sage, Peppermint and Parsley - herbs that possess anti-galactagogue (reducing milk production) properties. It is naturally caffeine-free.

No More Milk Tea doesn't stop milk production overnight. Anti-galactagogue herbs in the tea only slow down production and reduce milk supply. The tea is safe for breastfeeding mothers.

Start with one cup a day and see what affect the tea has on your milk production. Earth Mama Angel Baby recommends drinking up to three cups a day.

Besides the affect the tea had on my milk, I loved the taste of it - minty and refreshing. Delicious both hot and cold!

Click here to order No More Milk Tea from Amazon and get it shipped for FREE!

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