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No-Hype Public Breastfeeding

by A.

<p><i><center>Photo courtesy of   Island Health</center></i></p>

Photo courtesy of Island Health

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I am very much in favor of public breastfeeding when necessary for the mother and infant, and am disgusted that mothers should feel forced to retreat to uncomfortable, unhygienic locations to avoid censure.

I have previously lived in and visited European countries where public breastfeeding is a non-issue and have frequently caught inadvertent glimpses of bare breasts and even entire nipples.

What particularly impressed me was that these mothers all seemed so relaxed, confident and free of self-consciousness about feeding in public that neither I or they were in the least embarrassed when it was obvious to us both that I had seen so much.

Neither did I find it sexually arousing to see nipples in this context, but rather I felt privileged to have momentarily glimpsed that most tender and intimate of all bonds, that of a mother and infant.

*Special thanks to Island Health for making photo for this submission possible.

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Apr 09, 2015
great comments
by: Anita W. Waltman

I am pretty glad to add new information in my memory after reading such phenomenal addition over your blog. Happy sharing please.

Dec 04, 2014
Thank you!
by: BreastfeedingQuest

Great points! I agree that Europe is so much opener when it comes to baby's (and mom's) natural needs. Here in the US we (the nursing mothers ourselves) do have more work to do to popularize and normalize public breastfeeding. But I think we are moving in the right direction.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

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