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Beautiful Breastfeeding - What Are Your Public Nursing Habits?

Beautiful breastfeeding in public

Beautiful breastfeeding pleases the eye. And even though in many cultures breast is still viewed mainly as an attribute of sexuality, nursing women of the world are on a mission to change it.

On the one hand, breastfeeding in public is your legal right. If you feel comfortable doing it, go ahead. The law is on your side. Read about nursing laws in the US and other countries.

On the other hand, in order to successfully breastfeed, you don’t have to openly expose yourself in public. No need to become an exhibitionist. There is no need for the opposite extreme either. You don't need to barricade yourself in layers and layers of covers and clothes.

There are many ways to achieve modest or even discreet breastfeeding. Acting naturally, staying ethical, and dressing accordingly will do the trick.

Special nursing clothes can help a lot. Don't think of them as a way of concealing what you are doing from others. There is nothing to hide - you and your baby are beautiful. Instead, wear nursing clothes for your personal comfort and pleasure!

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Do I Have to Take My Baby Out?

If staying at home doesn’t jeopardize your sanity, there is nothing wrong about not going out and breastfeeding in public.

In fact, I support the tendency of pediatricians of the former Soviet Union countries to recommend keeping infants away from contact with other people till they are at least 3 months old.

Before that time a baby simply doesn’t need any interaction with anyone other than his/her mom and dad and definitely doesn’t need exposure to germs.

What Can Help Me Feel Beautiful When Breastfeeding In Public?

If you should take your baby on outings to malls, restaurants, or elsewhere, there are ways to keep breastfeeding a beautiful art:

  • Search local and online stores for comfortable nursing clothes, breastfeeding covers and scarves (specially designed bras and shirts with built-in snaps, flaps and hidden slits make things easier). Check out our Clothing department.

Remember: Breastfeeding in public is not a must, but a choice of yours!

  • Wear practical clothes, like a jacket or a vest on top of your blouse to cover up your sides and back when you pull up the blouse.
  • Two-piece clothes are generally the best (makes it harder to nurse in public when wearing a dress).
  • Loose shirt is another comfortable option. Pulling up your shirt to let your baby latch on will only expose your nipple for a couple of seconds. No need to be embarrassed.
  • Behave casual, look around, and do not hide away your eyes from passers-by. For people to start viewing breastfeeding as something natural, we - the nursing mothers - first need to believe ourselves that we are NOT doing anything indecent.

  • Nursing in a sling or a carrier is another option.

 I remember long before I had my son, I met a lady I knew in a grocery store. She was wearing her baby in a sling. We spoke for about 10 minutes. Then all of a sudden I realized that we spoke loudly and might have woken up the baby. I asked her and she said: “Oh, no, she isn’t sleeping, she is nursing!”

With these words she turned to me sideways and after peering at the sling for what seemed to be ages, I did notice her little baby at the breast.

How convenient and how comfortable for both of them! I had zero experience with babies at that time and I considered myself very traditional, but did the knowledge or the image of a mother feeding her baby disgust me?  

On the contrary, I was amazed and delighted to realize how strong, emancipated and self-confident a woman can be and what a loving, caring, modest and sensitive mother she is.

Tailor your breastfeeding behavior to fit your personality, lifestyle and principles. Beautiful breastfeeding, discreet breastfeeding, or any other kind – the choice is yours! 

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