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by Alina Sh.
(Hjo, Sweden)

<p><i><center>Photo courtesy of Felix Huth (photo taken in Linköping, Sweden)</center></i></p>

Photo courtesy of Felix Huth (photo taken in Linköping, Sweden)

Sweden is a very breastfeeding friendly country. Women in Sweden are encouraged to breastfeed, although it’s not a must. Everyone makes their own decision.

I personally had a lot of milk and my little Elisabeth has been a happy baby. Breast pump was a huge help. I used to use it and freeze the breast milk. Very practical and smart…

I was very happy that I had a lot of breast milk, but I was even happier when it reduced and gradually disappeared... While breastfeeding I felt very tired and totally exhausted. I also had mood fluctuations, from being very happy to being very sad. I just felt like a milk machine!!

We all know that there is nothing better for a child than breast milk. Breastfeeding experience in Sweden is very positive. Some women try to breastfeed as long as possible.

Most Swedes are used to seeing naked bodies and are known all over Europe for their free spirit… So breastfeeding in public is not an issue at all... You can see a lot of women breastfeeding in public and they feel pretty comfortable!

Another peculiar thing about Sweden- "the courses of parents". Every local hospital gives an opportunity for the young parents to meet and talk. 5-6 couples are gathered once a week to discuss the most important topics like labor, breastfeeding, contraception after labor and so on!

We made some good friends there and now our children are playing together!

*Special thanks to Felix Huth for making photo for this submission possible.

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Jun 10, 2013
Thank you for sharing!
by: Viktoriya

Alina - thank you very much for sharing your experience and the information about breastfeeding in Sweden. Such information is always of the highest value for Breastfeeding Quest. So great to know that Sweden is so open to breastfeeding in public.
I am sorry to hear that you felt sad and exhausted at times from breastfeeding, but you did a great job for your little Elisabeth! Having a baby may cause many hormonal changes, which can play funny tricks on your mood and feelings.
Wish your and Elisabeth happy fun time together!

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